Who we are

We, as a Dedicated World’s Poor Muslim (DWPM) organization will endeavor to show you how your generous donations are being used between the neediest of Muslims. We will be posting reports on projects where you have contributed, so that you can see the difference your donations make.


What we do

I welcome you to this website in the name of Allah who is most gracious, most Merciful.

The objective of ‘DWPM” is:

  • To provide relief from poverty and hardship.
  • To advance the better understanding of Islam.



Where  we work

We believe that it is important to have these joint objectives because there is some confusion on the role of charities that are Islamic in nature. Giving charity is one of our character building principles pleasing to Allah.

By the Grace of Allah ‘‘DWPM” has been set up as a charity that enshrines Islamic principles in the collection and distribution of aid. This means that all our methods of collection, banking and distribution are in accordance with the Qur’an and A’ Hadeeth. 



What  we  expect

I hope that you will donate generously to help the needy and at the same time to advance the better understanding of Islam.

Finally, I end this message with a prayer to ALLAH that enables us to keep firm on our religion “DEEN” so that "DWPM”’ can distribute your trusts in the best possible way and obtain ALLAH blessings and Mercy –Ameen

Completed Wudu Area

Serving Eid Cloths


Making Wudu Area For Mosjid